Recycling & Refuse

  1. Schedule Information
  • Loose, bagged (biodegradable Bags), or Debris in containers will be picked up by the Village of Camden DPW starting early-April to mid-April (weather permitting). The Village of Camden DPW will begin Debris Pickup every Monday until May, then Debris pickup will be conducted every other week starting the second Monday of May. Debris Pickup will continue into November as weather permits; leaf pickup will begin in late September and continue as long as weather permits.
  • If your debris is not curbside(between the sidewalk and grass side of curb) in a reasonable and manageable pile or is not out by the pickup date, it will not be removed until the following pickup date.
  • No appointments or calls are needed.
  • Any piles larger than 8 feet long by 6 feet tall will not be picked up. Home-Owner/Property Owner must make other arrangements.
  • Any debris placed near obstacles such as sign posts, trees or utility poles will not be picked up.
  1. Acceptable Green Waste Materials:
  • Grass Clippings/Plant Waste/Leaves
  • Small Pieces of concrete and landscape pavers.
  • Non-treated lumber with NO nails, screws, spikes etc.
  • Landscape rakings such as small stones and dirt.
  • Small Stumps less than 6” diameter at the base of the tree.
  • Branches and sticks – single woody branches of up to 6 inches in diameter and less than 8 feet long shall be placed along pavement edge or curbing stacked in an orderly fashion with the cut or larger end toward the pavement. Do NOT place material so that it blocks the sidewalk. Any spikes, hooks, or any metals MUST be removed.
  1. Non-Acceptable Materials:
  • Garbage ex: plastic, Styrofoam, clothing etc. / Any waste in plastic bags
  • Containers over 50 lbs.
  • Animal refuse
  • Treated wood
  • Construction demolition debris
  • Commercial tree trimming will not be accepted and must be hauled away by the person(s) that performed the trimming service. Commercial tree trimming includes any third party performing such services for the homeowner including, but not limited to: landscaping service, tree removal/trimming company, handyman, or other person(s) performing such services.
  1. Dial-A-Truck Service:

The definition of this service is that the DPW can park a truck on your property that is within the Village so that you can load green waste into it yourself. The truck can be left there multiple days or over a weekend. The only waste that can be placed into a dial-a-truck is section B. acceptable green waste materials.

  1. Leaf Pickup:

Leaf pickup will begin late September and be continuous until weather inhibits further pickup, which is normally late November. Leaves MUST be in a separate pile from sticks and other debris.

  1. Questions:

For any questions please contact John Heller at the the Village Office (315) 245-0560.