Carriage House Museum

The Queen Village Historical Society

The Queen Village Historical Society was founded in the 1970 to collect and preserve the history of the Village of Camden and it’s neighboring communities.

After the American Revolution the first permanent settlers came to this area.  The first town meeting in Camden was in 1799. The Historical Society’s library has expanded over the years to include books, maps, diaries, photographs, census indexes, cemetery lists and layouts. Records of church and educational development as well as business, industry and government beginnings and changes are documented. The many civic and social affairs that are part of Camden’s history have helped to build and sustain in the friendly small-town character of this community.

Because of the collection of donated family histories and the books written dedicated to documenting all the known histories in text and photographs, the Historical Society has become a valuable source of information for genealogists both locally and nationwide.

The Carriage House Museum

The Carriage House Museum is located in a building constructed in the 1860’s as a carriage house for the Thomas Stone residence. The structure was moved in 1950 from its original location to its present site at 2 North Park Street and renovated as a home. Exemplary of its era, the period construction techniques have been retained unaltered and the interior adapted for exhibit purposes.

In the summer of 1975, the Queen Village Historical Society secured the former carriage house for use as a public museum. Housed within this structure are exhibits and artifacts that are directly related to the history of Camden, NY; its citizens, government, transportation, industry and business, church and social affairs, educational institutes, cultural activities and natural environment.

We have an opportunity and responsibility to preserve, educate, research and remember our local heritage. Your interest, ideas, enthusiasm and support of the Carriage House Museum are welcome and needed. Won’t you join us in expanding our programs in local history, preservation and service to the community.

The Dibblestown Schoolhouse

There were 20 district schools documented in 1874 in the Camden area. Until 1943 when the schools consolidated and for many years later until transportation could be arranged these schools continued to operate. The Dibbletown Schoolhouse, one of these one room schoolhouses, was donated to the museum. The long process of removing, relocating and replicating the schoolhouse as an addition to the Carriage House Museum culminated in September 1999 when the official dedication took place.

The present exhibition has been modeled using limited information and photographs in addition to the memories of former students from the Dibbletown school and other one room schoolhouses. Desks, books, blackboard, maps and more have been added to give an authentic image. For those who remember their school days in similar schools and for those who enjoy taking a walk back in time this should be an enjoyable visit.

The society is run by volunteers and funded by donations.
Hours: First Saturday in June till last in September, Tuesday, Friday and Saturdays from 1-3 pm

Queen Village Historical Society

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